Knitting & Meditation Group

with Sydney Hall & Cathe Morrill
Three Wednesdays, February 5-19, 4-5 p.m.
Do you like to knit? Want to learn? Did you know that knitting is often regarded as a meditative activity?
Join us for a three-week study group on knitting as a meditative practice, using the book Zen and the Art of Knitting: Exploring the Links between Knitting, Spirituality, and Creativity. The author, Bernadette Murphy, says “…knitting has been a tool for keeping difficulties in perspective, for centering my scattered mind, and for maintaining a degree of sanity during chaotic times.”
Together, we will read the book, explore the practice suggestions, and share our experiences of the craft of knitting. We will also enjoy the experience of knitting together, and teaching each other, both rewarding in a group setting.
Everyone is welcome.
This is a drop-in group; registration is not required.
By donation. Suggested: $5-15 per class. Donations in any amount are graciously accepted.
Books will be available for purchase at The Dancing Elephant.