Healing Begins with Truth: Understanding Colonization

with Wabanaki REACH
Friday, November 5, 6-8 p.m.
Via Zoom. Link will be sent with registration.
"Today we are creating a community together. We are not experts, you are not experts. We will learn from the materials we experience together and from what we share with each other about our own experiences and thoughts.” - Wabanaki REACH
We hope you can join us for an engaging and impactful evening program with Wabanaki REACH. This is a special opportunity to grow in our understanding of and respect for the first nations in Maine. It is an opportunity to look honestly at colonization and dominant culture. It is an opportunity to participate in creating a new story as we move forward.
In this two-hour educational experience, participants will explore the differences between the worldview and culture of Indigenous peoples and settlers (and their descendants). Using historical and present day examples, participants will examine the deliberate strategies of colonization and resulting impacts on Indigenous people, land, and culture, including the domination culture that maintains systemic racism and oppression. This program is intended to serve as a safe space for participants to join with peers and identify strategies to support healing in relation to each other and to the land. 
Everyone is welcome.
Suggestion donation: $10-50 sliding scale. We invite you to open your heart and give as generously as possible within your means. 100% of proceeds from this program will be offered to Wabanaki REACH. If finances are tight, you are welcome to come for free. (Please email [email protected] for the Zoom link.)
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"We seek to build a broader and stronger community of people who understand the long term impact of the generational harms done to Indigenous people since first contact and who are committed to transforming the present day systems that provide advantages to the dominant culture. We believe in the power of education and engagement. When people more deeply understand what happened they innately wish to be a part of writing a different history for our grandchildren." - Wabanaki REACH
Note: The program description and quotes above are drawn from www.mainewabanakireach.org