Dharma Talk: Emptiness

with Robert Schneider
Friday, July 9, 6-8 p.m.
Hybrid program! Attend in-person at The Dancing Elephant (space is limited) OR via Zoom. By registration.
Our Dharma Talk Series continues. The program includes meditation, a talk, discussion, and time for sharing. 
What is the Middle Way view and how can we apply it to our own lives? Join Robert Schneider for an evening of practice and an exploration of emptiness, the interdependent nature of reality, and the self as a mental construct.
The Buddhist concept of shunyata or emptiness is widely misunderstood. It does not mean that life is meaningless or that everything is an illusion. According to the Madhyamaka or Middle Way view, we and the world exist, but not in the way we ordinarily think they do. It is this misapprehension of reality that causes much of our suffering and prevents us from living free from mental entanglements and at peace with ourselves and the world around us. Through a regular practice of meditation, we progress from an intellectual understanding of emptiness to an intuitive realization of this perspective. Through this realization, and a cultivation of positive thinking and ethical conduct, we can build healthy and resilient self-esteem. We can also stop worrying about what other people may or may not be thinking about us.
Image: The Endless Knot, “The inseparability of emptiness (shunyata) and dependent origination, the underlying reality of existence."
Everyone is welcome.
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Robert G. Schneider was born in Queens in 1964 and raised in Ithaca, New York. In the 1980s, he left college to follow the Indian guru Swami Muktananda, living and working in the guru’s Siddha Yoga ashrams in India and the U.S. for four years. His coming-of-age novel, The Guru’s Touch, is based on this period of his life. While living abroad in Brussels, Belgium during the 1990s and 2000s, Schneider became a student and friend of the esteemed Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Lama Karta, who passed away in 2013. Robert lives in Maine and is a graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at the University of Southern Maine. 
This offering is part of the year-long program, Making Friends with Ourselves & Our World, January-December, 2021.
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